Cancer Support Groups:
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Join us for our FREE monthly support groups and programs for Patients, Surviors, and Caregivers!
Cancer is an experience that shakes people to the core. Patients, caregivers, and survivors can suffer not only physically, but can be overwhelmed emotionally. It can often represent the greatest challenge to faith that a person will ever experience. You can be weighed down by questions and pain. The Wounded Heart Ministry offers Christ centered programsto discuss cancer related issues. Come together for loving support, encouragement, understanding, hope, and prayer!
A cancer survivor herself, Dr. Anne Caffey is a Board-Certified Christian Counselor, Therapist, and Ordained Minister with the Wounded Heart Ministry. The Wounded Heart Ministry provides a safe environment where you can share your pain, discuss your concerns, receieve prayer, and restore your faith and hope.
To inquire about a group call 770-778-7266 or email:  Please leave your name, phone number, email, and indicate which group you are interested in (Patient/Survivor or Caregivers).
Click here to see the list of topics that will be offered in each group.